Become A Dealer

Retailers, Here’s Your Opportunity to Satisfy a Rapid Growing Demand!


We’ve sold millions of EarthBox® gardening systems directly to consumers. Now, the EarthBox® Garden Kit can help you grow sales with your existing customers and by bringing new customers to your store.

Treat Your Customers to Homegrown Vegetables Without a Garden...
  • Patented Gradient Gardening Technology
  • Easy to use - Sets up in just minutes!
  • Grow indoors, on decks, balconies - Anywhere!
  • Complete line of accessories for every need: Staking Systems, Garden Stand, Replant Kits, Protective Nets, and More!
  • Available in 7 attractive colors: Green, Terracotta, Chocolate, White, Eggplant, Margarita, Cobalt
  • Dealer-Exclusive Garden Kit Includes 4-pc. growing system (EarthBox container, Aeration Screen, Water Fill Tube, 2 B/W reversible Mulch Covers), Fertilizer, Dolomite, Casters, Complete Set-up Instructions, BONUS: Red Mulch Cover
...And Enjoy Hearty Sales!

The EarthBox® Garden Kit is loaded with features that will naturally generate additional sales and keep your customers coming back for more! The average transaction is 2 EarthBox® Garden Kits plus:

  • 2 cu. ft. bag growing media per EarthBox® Garden Kit
  • Seeds or seedlings for each EarthBox® Garden Kit
  • Accessories (Staking System, Garden Stand, Frost Cover, etc.)
When you stock the EarthBox® Garden Kit, you’re part of a comprehensive, multifaceted program of product support:
  • Compelling packaging attracts your customers
  • Expert Customer Service staff available weekdays 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST
  • Informative website with Dealer Locator, Retail Support, and Staff Directory
Dealer Requirements:
  • MUST have an actual retail store location (Garden Center, Nursery, Hardware Store, etc.)
  • MUST purchase products from an established Lawn & Garden Distributor that is part of our wholesale distribution network. 
email our Marketing & Sales department or call 1.800.821.8838 x2 to learn more!

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