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Community Gardens

We develop, promote and sell easy-to-use, sustainable container garden systems, accessories & garden guides to establish EarthBox Community Gardens on rooftops, brown lots, sidewalks or wherever there is water and sun. The gardens advance food security, community connectivity and healthy living. They reduce pollutants that cause global warming and environmental degradation. They create green spaces and provide affordable healthy food for a community.

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Green Links - Brick City Urban Farms

John Taylor and Lorraine Gibbons use EarthBox® gardening systems to turn a vacant lot into a thriving farm, bringing fresh local produce to the 'food desert' of Newark, creating green jobs, educational and job training opportunities.

UPDATE: Brick City Urban Farms is now Garden State Urban Farms. For more info, go to or contact Lorraine Gibbons:


Mayor Jim Lawrence and Bob Brotherton of Brotherton Engineering open the first ever city-funded EarthBox® community garden for the town of Indian Shores, FL. This garden uses EarthBox® gardening systems to overcome poor soil and to make gardening more accessible to the seniors in their community.