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EarthBox Education

Alison Gannett started growing herbs in one EarthBox several years ago, and before she knew it, she had 25 -- some brimming with limes, lemons, and figs. In an effort to reduce the family carbon footprint, Alison and her husband moved to a 75-acre farm in the Colorado mountains in April 2010, and now grow over 300 chemical-free varieties of heirloom vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, grains, and beans.

The EarthBoxes have helped them become almost 100% self-sufficient. The Gannetts grow their own produce and hay, and have stopped grocery store shopping with the exception of the purchase of coffee, chocolate, and salt.

"EarthBoxes can be used in more ways than you think," says Alison. "We use them for our veggie starts, beginning with onions in February. And we love to have fresh herbs year round. We show other folks how to use the EarthBoxes in small spaces in the city, and on porches, rooftops, and balconies. We also show schools how easy they are to use.

One EarthBox

"Don't be intimidated if you don't have a green thumb," she says. "Growing my own food, starting on a simple, manageable scale, transformed me. It's so satisfying and rewarding, it doesn't seem like work. Start with one box and have fun!"

Alison's carrots

Ms. Gannett is also a world-champion big mountain FreeSkier and environmental scientist, and has founded several non-profit organizations. One of them is Established in 2009, it now includes over 50 local chemical-free growers. All the produce that the Gannetts don't consume or preserve, they sell at online.

For more information, visit Alison's website and on the Web. Ms. Gannett also asks that you consider signing her online petition, to help protect her farm from oilfield "fracking."

Featured Product

If you've got some old newspapers lying around, then you've got the makings for biodegradable planting pots to start your seedlings in. It's amazingly simple with the Potmaker: in seconds, you can turn a strip of newspaper into a container that's ready for garden or greenhouse use. What a great way to recycle the news!


The Potmaker is made of sturdy wood, and will last for years.

2012 Educational Packages
Now Available

We're pleased to announce that our 2012 Educational Packages are now available for purchase.

These STEM-based plans (for early learners up to elementary, middle, and high school students) are ideal for teaching the art and science of horticulture. They make it a snap to illustrate where food comes from and what it takes to produce it -- a process that's rather mysterious to many students these days. Click here to learn more!

We Have a Winner!

We've chosen the latest winner in our ongoing photo contest! Jim Ferstl will receive a $25 EarthBox gift certificate for this wonderful photo, in which he checks out his winter wheat crop in the heart of Washington, D.C.!

Photo of the Month Contest

Want to win a $25 EarthBox gift certificate? Just send us your EarthBox success photos with the word "contest" in the subject line of your email, and you could be our next winner!

Please make sure your image is in .JPG format and at least 640×480 pixels or 5 x 7 inches at 72 dpi. We'll pick a new winner every month, and post the entry in an upcoming issue.

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Dear Customer,


March is always an exciting month, and not just because it tends to "come in like a lion," as the old saying goes. It's also the advent of spring, right when the growing season begins in earnest.

No matter what stage of planting you're in, or even if you haven't started yet, we want to remind you that the brand new EarthBox Junior makes a great addition to your EarthBox garden. It has all the advantages of a larger EarthBox, but fits into smaller spaces.

In addition to adding the Junior to our repertoire, we've just completed another change: our redesigned home page, which will make finding EarthBox products and resources easier for you. To learn more about both changes, read on!

Happy gardening,

Frank DiPaolo

The Benefits of Innovation

If you've been looking for an EarthBox solution for smaller spaces, or you'd like to introduce someone to EarthBox growing, then the EarthBox Junior is for you. The Junior offers the same great technology as the original EarthBox, but in approximately half the size. Like the EarthBox, it's ideal for those who love to garden, but don't have the space or good soil to do so.

The Junior can beautify both kitchen and outdoor living spaces, add pleasing aromas to your home, and provide a constant supply of fresh produce. It works well on the kitchen counter, or as a windowbox -- and fits perfectly on the patio, balcony, or deck. You can also use it as a companion box for the standard EarthBox, or to experiment with growing new or extra crops.

The Herbal Lifestyle
EarthBox Junior can provide you with fresh, aromatic herbs for most of the year. It's an excellent growing container for basil, chamomile, chives, lavender, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, summer savory, and thyme. Just remember, herbs need a lot of light, so we recommend placing an herb-filled Junior outside or on a window sill.

If you'd rather fill your Junior with veggies, you can still plant cool season crops in some areas of the country; broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, collards, kohlrabi, and lettuce are all good options, if you hurry. If you'd prefer to wait until the frost is past, suitable warm season options include beans and peppers.

And don't forget all the many floral possibilities, among them impatiens, marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies, petunias, portulacca, and wax begonias!

For plant suggestions and spacing guidelines, see the Junior Planting Guide. And don't forget to check your newly updated USDA hardiness zone to help you determine which plants are best suited for your area. We've also prepared a handy YouTube video to introduce you to the Junior, so be sure to take a look!

A Redesigned Website
Junior isn't the only new thing around here! We just redesigned our website, so you can view all our offerings on our home page. Our products are listed on the left-hand side, while all other resources can be found at the bottom of the website, in the footer of every page. Visit to check it out.

The website includes a wide array of resources, including some of our favorites to help you succeed with your EarthBox gardens, as well as planting guides, lists of approved growing media, various instructions, FAQs, and even a newsletter archive.

Retailer of the Month

This month, we honor Navlet's Garden Centers. Established in 1885, Navlet's has four San Francisco East Bay Area locations, each dedicated to helping gardeners grow and maintain beautiful gardens. Their California Certified Nursery Professionals are experts in the Bay Area's wide range of micro-climates, offering customers advice on how to select the best flowers, landscape shrubs, perennials, fruit, citrus, herbs, vegetables, and other plants for their gardens.

Navlet'sAll four of Navlet's locations carry EarthBoxes. Visit any one of their locations and you'll see planted EarthBoxes in action. Navlet's co-owner Laurin Shuman tells us that her mother plants six to ten EarthBoxes every year to grow tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers.

Laurin says, "The plants grow so high she often has to tie them down. When people ask me if EarthBoxes really grow tomatoes that tall, I say, 'You bet. Just ask my Mom!'"

For more information on Navlet's store hours and locations, click here.

1555 Kirker Pass Road, Concord, CA 94521-3225
(925) 681-0550

800 Camino Ramon, Danville, CA 94526-4254
(925) 837-9144

6740 Alhambra Avenue, Martinez, CA 94553-6202
(925) 935-9125

2895 Contra Costa Boulevard, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-4219
(925) 939-9000

If you're a retailer interested in carrying EarthBox products or have a favorite garden center that you would like to recommend for EarthBox products, please contact Kathy Sponenberg here.

Fresh from the Forum

Could you use a little help setting up your EarthBoxes? Have you ever attended an EarthBox planting party? One of your fellow growers recently threw a party to get help with their EarthBoxes!

From Our Customers

March Customer"Planted four EarthBoxes of basil today, February 19, to get a jump on the season!"

Ocean Springs, MS
Zone 9a

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We appreciate your opinions about EarthBox products, and so do your peers. Because we recognize how helpful and valuable our customers' viewpoints can be, we would love to receive your comments -- whether positive or negative.

Here's the process: go to our website, click the category on the left column, and then click on the product name. Next, click on "Review this item," and start writing.

Thanks in advance for your help! We look forward to reading the reviews, and improving your EarthBox experience. So please, don't hesitate to post reviews on our product pages.

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And don't forget to check out our videos! This is a members only feature, so if you're not already a Facebook member, you'll need to sign up. We recently posted a new video on Facebook to help you decide what to plant in your EarthBoxes. Take a look!

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To place an order, call us at 866-727-5532 (24/7) or visit our online store. We now accept PayPal!

About EarthBox

The patented EarthBox was developed by commercial farmers, and proven in the lab and on the farm. Our maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden -- with less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort. It's used successfully on a daily basis by commercial farmers, educators, and consumers. Distributors are also finding it to be a popular growing system.

EarthBox is a remarkably easy-to-set-up system that can be used to grow produce virtually anywhere. EarthBox systems have been incorporated into community gardens all over the world, enabling families and neighbors to share fresh produce, while minimizing work and expenses.

EarthBoxes can even be found in classrooms. Our EarthBox Pre-K through 12th grade standards-based curriculum can bring science to life, with hands-on cross-curricula lessons that teach principles of growing and nutrition utilizing the scientific method in student-driven experiments.

To find out more, visit To request a catalog, call 888-917-3908.

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