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EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle

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EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle
EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle EarthBox® Tomato Garden Kit Bundle
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Our best tomato-growing container gardening system to date! This system helps with fruit production and ripening, easily grow tasty tomatoes with this Tomato Garden Kit Bundle. This bundle includes nutrient boosting Calcium Nitrate to protect your tomatoes from getting the dreaded Blossom End Rot (BER). The bundle also features a 7-ft. Staking System and 5-ft. of customizable soft plant tie - so you can easily support and attach your growing tomatoes to the built-in trellis.

After extensive research and testing, we curated this bundle with tomato growers in mind and are offering it at an affordable price so you can start enjoying healthy, vine-ripened tomatoes fresh from the garden. Our tried and true method includes a patented, thoughtfully designed sub-irrigated container gardening system which outperforms traditional in-ground gardening. The extended height Staking System provides the proper support needed for growing tall tomatoes. Try it for yourself, 100% guaranteed!

  • Calcium Nitrate: To help prevent Blossom End Rot (BER), which is common in tomatoes, plants need added nutrients. Calcium helps with tolerance to heat stress and overall disease tolerance. Nitrate nitrogen aids in the plants’ uptake of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Add just 1 tsp./week to the reservoir via the water fill tube.
  • Plant Tie: 5-ft. of this soft-coated wire twist tie may be cut into smaller length ties to help you control unruly tomato vines by securing them to the trellis net. Unlike traditional twine or wire, this coated plant tie won’t cut or dig into tender plant stems and can be easily removed or repositioned according to plants’ needs.
  • Caster Wheels: Easily secure the included caster wheels to the bottom of the staking system outriggers to make your garden fully mobile! Glide your container garden around your property to ensure your plants are growing in their ideal environment. 



1-Year Guarantee Prevents Weeds Grows Various Crops Conserves Water EarthBox.com Exclusive
  • 1-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • No Weeding, No Overwatering, Maintenance-Free System
  • Grow a Variety of Crops
  • Conserves Water and Other Essential Nutrients
  • Exclusive Item to EarthBox.com
What's Included

1 EarthBox® Garden Kit

  • 1 EarthBox® Original container with integrated 3 gal. water reservoir and overflow drain
  • 1 EarthBox® Original aeration screen
  • 1 Water Fill Tube
  • 2 B/W Mulch Covers
  • 1 lb. 7-7-7 Fertilizer
  • 1 lb. Dolomite
  • 4 Caster Wheels
  • BONUS: 1/2 lb. Calcium Nitrate
  • BONUS: 1 Pack of Organic Beefsteak Tomato Seeds

1 EarthBox® 7-ft. Staking System

  • 2 Outriggers
  • 2 Rim Clamps with Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 2 T-Connectors
  • 3 Standard Aluminum Poles
  • 4 Crimped-End Aluminum Poles
  • 1 Trellis Net
  • 2 Caster Wheels
  • BONUS: 5-ft. of soft-wire plant tie

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