Wholesale Information

We’ve sold millions of EarthBox® gardening systems worldwide. If you are interested in selling and promoting the revolutionary EarthBox® Garden Kit, you'll be sure to grow sales with your existing customers and attract a new generation of container gardeners.

Treat your customers to the best container for homegrown vegetables...

  • Patented Gardening Technology
  • Easy to use - Sets up in just minutes!
  • Grow indoors, on decks, balconies - Anywhere!
  • Complete line of accessories for every need: Staking Systems, Garden Stand, Replant Kits, Protective Nets, and More!
  • Available in 5 attractive colors: Dark Green, Terracotta, Chocolate, Eggplant, and Sage
  • EarthBox® Garden Kit includes 4-pc. growing system (EarthBox® container with integrated overflow drain and caster sockets, Aeration Screen, Water Fill Tube, 2 B/W reversible Mulch Covers), 1 lb. Fertilizer, 1 lb. Dolomite, 4 Casters, and Instruction Manual

The EarthBox® Garden Kit is loaded with features that will naturally generate additional sales and keep your customers coming back for more! The average transaction is 2 EarthBox® Garden Kits plus:

  • 2.0 cu. ft. bag growing media per EarthBox® Garden Kit
  • Seeds or seedlings for each EarthBox® Garden Kit
  • Accessories (Staking System, Garden Stand, Frost Cover, etc.)

When you stock the EarthBox® Garden Kit, you’re part of a comprehensive, multifaceted program of product support:

  • Compelling packaging attracts your customers
  • Expert Customer Service staff available weekdays 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Eastern
  • Informative website with Dealer Locator, Retail Support, and Staff Directory

Wholesale Requirements:

  • MUST have an actual brick and mortar retail store location (Garden Center, Nursery, Hardware Store, etc.)
  • MUST purchase products from an established Lawn & Garden Distributor that is part of our wholesale distribution network.

If you are interested in becoming an EarthBox® wholesaler, please fill out our application form on our parent company's website.

What is the EarthBox Garden Kit?

Unlike the "Original EarthBox," the Garden Kit includes casters, fertilizer, and dolomite. The Garden Kit generates up to 3 times its retail value because seeds and/or seedlings, a 2 cubic foot bag of growing media, and accessories (such as the Staking System or Garden Stand) will all need to be purchased for each EarthBox Garden Kit. All items are professionally packaged with eye-catching graphics.

What EarthBox products does my distributor carry?

Our distributors carry a full line of EarthBox Garden Kits, EarthBox Junior Garden Kits, and EarthBox accessories. Please view our catalog, or talk to your distributor sales representative to see what’s available for your store. Please keep in mind that some of these items may not be regularly stocked in your distributor’s warehouse.

I am new to retailing EarthBox products. What should I stock in my store?

We suggest starting out with 12 EarthBox Original Garden Kits in one color (3 cases: 1 refillable display case and 2 refill cases), 4 Staking Systems in matching color (1 case), and 12 Replant Kits (1 case). EarthBox Junior Garden Kits and EarthBox Root & Veg Garden Kits are optional. To keep things simple, you should choose 1 color and 1 type of fertilizer. Please view our wholesale catalog, or talk to your distributor sales representative.

What type of growing media is acceptable to sell to my customers for use in the EarthBox?

You should sell your customers a 2.0 cubic foot bag (60 dry quarts) of a peat-based (70%-80%) growing medium that contains perlite and/or vermiculite. It should NOT contain any rock, clay, sand, or topsoil. We have recommended several brands that are suitable for use in the EarthBox growing system.

How should I merchandise the EarthBox?

There are several things you can do to promote EarthBox products in your store. It is most important to actually plant a demonstration EarthBox for your store so customers can see how well the EarthBox really works. P.O.P. material and displays are also important to set up. We also suggest selling pre-planted EarthBoxes and hosting EarthBox planting classes or seminars. Please contact Novelty Manufacturing's Sales & Marketing Department for available merchandising materials.

Why should I carry EarthBox products in my store(s)?

The EarthBox gardening system can be used by virtually anyone, so you are not limited to a specific type of customer. It will attract non-gardening customers because of its ease of use, and interest your existing gardening customers because of its ability to produce high yields. A natural gift idea, the EarthBox Garden Kit can be promoted for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, birthdays, and all winter holidays. EarthBox products are not sold in Big Box stores, so it will help increase new traffic to your store.

What types of P.O.P. and merchandising materials are available?

We offer a standard P.O.P. Kit that includes a laminated poster, informational tri-fold brochures, an acrylic brochure holder, and a window/door sticker with our logo. This kit is free to all retailers and was designed to fit on a demonstration EarthBox and Staking System. We also offer display cases, sold through your distributor.

Do you attend open houses or seminars for your dealers?

Typically, due to staff limitations and increasing travel costs, we do not attend open houses or seminars. If your store is within a reasonable commute/distance from our office in Lancaster, PA or from one of our representatives, we may consider attending. We suggest contacting your distributor sales representative to talk to your customers for open houses and seminars. Of course, we would be happy to provide P.O.P. material, informational handouts, and possibly some giveaways for your event attendees.

How can I get my store(s) listed on the Dealer Locator?

Please contact us (be sure to include your store's name, street address, phone number, and website) and we will add your store’s information.

Can I get the EarthBox without casters, fertilizer, or dolomite?

For special requests, please contact us.