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Set it and forget it with the EarthBox® Automatic Watering System! The superior design establishes a constant water source to your EarthBox® container garden.

The Automatic Watering System (AWS) works simply by connecting a spigot or hose to the AWS sensor on top of your EarthBox® container's fill tube. The sensor is designed to respond to the air pressure inside the water reservoir. The AWS will then drip water into the water reservoir accordingly. It will never overwater, and will maintain the appropriate water level in your container garden based on your plant's needs. No matter what you're growing, the AWS is specially designed to operate as needed to each EarthBox® gardening system.

The EarthBox Automatic Watering System is easy to set up and makes it simple for you to spend less time watering and more time enjoying your garden. It's a perfect back-up system if you forget to water or will be going out of town for a few days. Watering is no longer a chore with the AWS. Gardening containers hooked up to the AWS receive the perfect amount of water, not a drop wasted.

  • Makes your EarthBox planter box gardens fully self-watering
  • Never worry about forgetting or being unable to water your plants
  • Easy to set up with included hardware and instruction manual
  • Never a drop of wasted water
  • Simply connect to a hose or spigot
    • Note: Not designed for use with a rain barrel or gravity fed system

Pressure regulator
Black T-Connector/Reducer
White or Black T-connector/Splitter
1/4 inch tubing
1/8 inch tubing
AWS Instruction manual


  • 2-Box AWS includes: 1 pressure regulator, 2 sensors, 1 black T-connector/Reducer, 1 white or black T-connector/Splitter, 2 reducers, 25 ft. of 0.25" tubing (large), 6 ft. of 0.125" tubing (small), and instructions
  • 4-Box AWS includes: 1 pressure regulator, 4 sensors, 3 black T-connectors/Reducers, 1 white or black T-connector/Splitter, 2 reducers, 50 ft. of 0.25" tubing (large), 12 ft. of 0.125" tubing (small), and instructions
  • 6-Box AWS includes: 1 pressure regulator, 6 sensors, 5 black T-connectors/Reducers, 1 white or black T-connector/Splitter, 2 reducers, 100 ft. of 0.25" tubing (large), 12 ft. of 0.125" tubing (small), and instructions
  • 12-Box AWS includes: 1 pressure regulator, 12 sensors, 11 black T-connectors/Reducers, 1 white or black T-connector/Splitter, 2 reducers, 100 ft. of 0.25" tubing (large), 25 ft. of 0.125" tubing (small), and instructions

Please Note: Additional fill tubes are only included with the Automatic Watering System Junior package.


What’s the best way to design my garden layout to work with the Automatic Watering System (AWS)?

You can design your garden to suit your needs, whether you make a single row or multiple rows. No matter how you design your garden, the AWS will require each EarthBox® container to be on a level surface so the sensors can work properly. We also recommend placing any EarthBox® Root & Veg systems closest to the starting point of the AWS. It's also recommeneded that your spigot is located higher than the EarthBox® container.

Does the AWS work with a rain barrel, gravity fed system, or any non-pressurized water source?

No, our Automatic Watering System requires a consistent pressure of at least 15 PSI to work correctly. That said, if you add a pump or some way to ensure that minimum, continuous PSI is met, then it should work, but we cannot guarantee it. That's because our AWS is designed to connect to a hose or spigot to work as intended.

Why is my pressure regulator is leaking?

Your water may be turned on too high. The pressure regulator should be secured to your spigot but not overtightened to the point of breaking or cracking. When turning on the water, do not turn the water on full blast; rather turn it on slowly so that it just starts to run consistently without a lot of pressure behind it. A quarter to a half of a turn is usually enough to supply adequate water to the AWS without the pressure regulator dripping or leaking.

For more troubleshooting tips, please refer to our AWS troubleshooting guide page.

Why is my EarthBox® container leaking from the overflow drain with the AWS?

There could be a few things happening to cause overflow while using the Automatic Watering System:

First, check to make sure there are no roots hanging out of the overflow drain. If roots accumulate, they will drip water which can look like a leak or excess overflow.

If you suspect the sensor is not shutting off, check to make sure the container is level. If it is level, ensure the fill tube is pushed all the way down to the bottom of the reservoir through the aeration screen (Original and Junior ONLY).

If the system is level and the fill tube is inserted correctly, pull the sensor out from the water fill tube and place it in a drinking glass, holding it in place until it stops dripping. If it stops after a couple minutes, the sensor works. If it continues to drip and fill the glass with the sensor submerged, the sensor may be defective and cleaning the inside diaphragm or replacing the sensor may be required.

For additional troubleshooting steps, please refer to our AWS troubleshooting guide.

I'm having some other problem, what should I do?

Please review our AWS troubleshooting guide for the most common problems and steps to fix.

If you're still having problems after trying those steps, please contact our Consumer Care team.

Can I leave my AWS out all year?

We do not recommend leaving the Automatic Watering System outside year round, especially if there are cold temperatures in your area. Inside storage can help prevent residual water from freezing inside small parts, which can cause cracking and breakage. Even in climates where the off-season is too hot to grow anything, the system should be removed from the garden, cleaned, and stored inside.

When the system is left undisturbed, tiny insects may take up residency in the sensor heads which can damage the internal diaphragm, and cause the sensor to stop working.

To store the AWS, shut off water and remove the pressure regulator. Inspect and clean the filter screen. Remove all sensors from the water fill tubes and carefully clean any visible debris. If your garden has a specific design or layout, you may want to label each sensor with its corresponding container for easier set-up during your next growing season. Keep all tubing attached.

Carefully roll the system, shaking out any excess water, and place into a large bag or plastic storage bin. Zip ties or twist ties may help secure everything in place so it does not unravel. Place the bag or bin indoors in a shed, garage, basement, or storage closet.

How will I know when to add water?

You should not have to do any manual watering when your Automatic Watering System is set up. Be mindful of heat waves that may stress plants and cause them to uptake more water than usual, which may be difficult for the AWS to keep up with demand. If you’re able to lift your EarthBox® container easily on one end, the reservoir is likely not full, and you may need to add more water. Providing shade to stressed plants should help.

Always inspect your plants daily for signs of heat stress and insect damage, and periodically check sensors to ensure they are working properly.

Is the AWS compatible with the 1st Generation EarthBox Original?

Yes, the Automatic Watering System will work with the 1st generation EarthBox Original gardening system. Note that you will need to also purchase a newer Water Fill Tube used by the 2nd generation EarthBox Original for each 1st generation EarthBox that will be hooked up to the AWS.

When you receive the new fill tubes, carefully pull the existing ones out and push the new ones all the way down to the bottom of the container. When you place the AWS sensor into the new tube, you will notice how the sensor head has two clips on either side to help secure it in place on the fill tube.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We ship internationally to Canada only, which requires contacting us to get a custom shipping quote.

If you wish to order and ship outside the United States or Canada, we recommend using a freight forwarding service such as DHL. All shipments from our facility must be sent to a U.S.- or Canadian-based address.


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