EarthBox Education Youth Garden Guide - Get Fit in the Garden

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Kids grow green, grow smart and grow healthy with project-based EarthBox® Instructional School Gardens. They develop STEM-based skills, learn where their food comes from, and how to get fit in the garden. The science-based activities in the guide review and reinforce the skills taught in the standards-based curricula. They facilitate the development of horticultural, technological, entrepreneurial, and nutrition skills that prepare students for the work force, and help them fight obesity, Type II Diabetes, and other diet-related diseases. In just 40 days, students can grow a row of spinach for the food pantry as a Service-Learning, or community service project or use this guide year-round to facilitate the development of horticultural, technological, workplace, and entrepreneurial skills; and to combat obesity, Type II Diabetes, malnutrition, and other diet-related disease.

The Youth Garden Guide includes 29 stand-alone activities that incorporate a "Get Fit in the Garden" physical fitness routine into each activity, and is suitable for students from middle school through college. The guide is published on FSC-approved paper, and is 3-hole punched to fit in a 3-ring binder (not included). All student hand outs are reproducible.

Requires one EarthBox® Ready-To-Grow Kit per Learning Location (sold separately).