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Guides for Urban and Rooftop Farms, Seniors, Youths, and Community Projects

EarthBox Education guides increase understanding of academic concepts and build skills with correlated garden activities. The garden activities connect participants to nature and teach sustainable agriculture practices. The connectivity increases awareness of society’s dependence on products and services made from an ever-shrinking supply of natural resources. The awareness leads to more responsible stewardship.

  • From seeds to the table, seniors will get the most out of growing plants in the EarthBox after reading about EarthBox gardening and participating in EarthBox-related crafts and activities that establish ethnic gardens and intergenerational projects with the EarthBox Senior Garden Guide. Seniors engaged in EarthBox Education Programs improve their quality of life by increasing their level of low-impact physical exercise, their daily activities and conversations, their access to affordable, healthy food, and the joy of gardening. Whether used by seniors who are gardening for the first time, or veteran gardeners who suffer from disabilities, the activities in the Senior Garden Guide raise the spirits, while the ease-of-use of the EarthBox System eliminates the pain of traditional gardening.
  • The EarthBox Youth Garden Guide reviews and reinforces standards-based instruction with 17 correlated garden-based activities that apply science to the planting, nurturing, and harvesting of 21 healthy crops. It teaches horticulture, nutrition, data collection, and workforce development skills, and requires a minimum use of six EarthBox Ready-to-Grow Kits.
  • The EarthBox Snow Pea Activity Guide helps teachers, parents & grandparents to grow Organic Mammoth Melting Snow Peas to introduce youth to science, horticulture and nutrition in 10 easy, fun-filled, hands-on activities. Requires one Ready to Grow Kit and Staking System. This guide is appropriate for children between the ages of 5-10. Also available in a bundled package.
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