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Do you have out-of-control tomatoes growing in your EarthBox® gardening system? We've all been there. When the tomatoes reach the top of the EarthBox® Staking System, and you wonder how to support them from there...enter the EarthBox® Staking System Extension Kit. Thanks to our sturdy aluminum connectors, it's easy to add another tier to your existing staking system and stop worrying about your 'maters taking over the neighborhood. It also works great for cucumbers and other vining crops!

When assembled with the 3 Foot EarthBox® Staking System, the total height is 58” (with casters) and 55.75” (without casters). When assembled with the 5 Foot EarthBox® Staking System, the total height is 85.5” (with casters) and 83” (without casters).

2 Crimped-End Poles
Trellis Net
Extension Kit Manual


  • 2 Crimped-End, 29.5" Aluminum Poles
  • 1 Customizable Trellis Net
  • Extension Kit Instruction Sheet (view PDF)


The EarthBox® Staking System Extension Kit is the perfect solution for providing support to tall and vining crops in your EarthBox® Original gardening system! These are the sizes we recommend for each type of plant. Click on any of the images to be taken to our Growing Guide page where you'll learn how to succeed at growing each crop.

A 5' Staking System is perfect for growing most vining plants that need a trellis for support.

  • Tomatoes, peas/pole beans, winter squash (butternut, acorn, spaghetti, etc.), melons, pumpkins/gourds, blackberries

A 7' Staking System is ideal for growing exceptionally unruly plants that need extra support for extended growth.

  • Indeterminate cherry/grape/pear tomatoes, cucumbers, Malabar spinach, peas/pole beans, blackberries


Can I use the Staking System Extension Kit with a 7 foot EarthBox® Staking System?

We do not recommend using the Extension Kit to make an EarthBox® Staking System taller than 7 feet so the system does not fall over.

How is the Trellis Net customizable to the Staking System?

The EarthBox® Trellis Net is designed specifically to fit all sizes of the EarthBox® Staking System, with its height being customizable. If you have the 7’ Staking System, the entire length of the Trellis Net will fit, and no customization will be needed. If you have the 3’ or 5’ Staking System, you will need to trim the excess netting off at the bottom of the Trellis Net to customize the length to your Staking System. Any part that is trimmed off can be cut up and used to secure plants to the Staking System.

How much height is added by the Staking System Extension Kit?

When assembled with the 3 Foot EarthBox® Staking System, the total height is 58” (with casters) and 55.75” (without casters).

When assembled with the 5 Foot EarthBox® Staking System, the total height is 85.5” (with casters) and 83” (without casters).

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