Gardens for Seniors Q&A

What do you recommend we purchase for our Assisted Living Center?
We recommend you purchase the Senior Garden Guide and six Ready to Grow Kits. The Ready to Grow Kits will provide a nice harvest and the guide will direct activities while the crops grow.

How do seniors in an assisted living facility or senior nursing home benefit from the garden?
Seniors become jubilant and joyful when they see new life growing in a garden. Their joy is greater when they know they have planted the garden. With no weeding, hoeing or digging, EarthBox gardening makes it possible for seniors to plant their gardens. The companion garden stand makes the process even easier by elevating the EarthBox to an accessible height. Even seniors in wheel chairs can plant and tend an EarthBox garden. The gardens energize seniors to get up earlier, take walks to the garden, smell the flowers, and harvest the herbs. The activities and crafts keep them busy all day long!

How do the gardens impact the relationship between seniors in facilities and visitors?
The garden becomes a destination that pleases both the visitor and the resident. It revitalizes relationships. Visitors like to stroll with residents to the garden site. They like to admire the garden and talk about the crops. Residents can build self esteem by offering the fruit of their labors to their visitors.

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