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EarthBox Junior Mulch Cover - Red

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*** Get a red mulch cover before they're gone for good! ***

One of the key secrets to your EarthBox® container gardening success is the EarthBox® Mulch Cover! In addition to keeping unwanted weeds and some pests out, the Mulch Cover helps conserve water and keep nutrients in, all while protecting your plants’ growing environment against the elements. Made from durable, professional-grade agricultural film, it's one of the most important elements of the EarthBox® gardening system.

Red Mulch Cover

  • In some studies, red mulch has been shown to increase tomato and strawberry production by 12-20%. The red mulch cover reflects sunlight rays to the plant, in turn speeding up the growing process.

Mulch covers last an entire growing season. The red mulch cover is only available for the EarthBox® Junior gardening system.


1 Red Mulch Cover for the EarthBox® Junior growing system


Do I really need to use the Mulch Cover?

Yes! The Mulch Cover is what protects the growing environment of the entire EarthBox® gardening system. It helps conserve water by limiting evaporation, and it prevents heavy rains from washing away all the plants’ fertilizer and nutrients. The Mulch Cover also protects the growing media from weeds and pests. Place the cover on the system before planting and leave it on until your growing season is over and you’re ready to remove the plants and clean up the growing system.

Always use the Mulch Cover, even in very hot climates. If your local temperatures are typically in excess of 85° F during the peak growing season, place the Mulch Cover on the system with the white side facing up. This will reflect the sun so small plants don’t become stressed from the heat.

For cooler climates where early growing season temperatures may still be too cold for some plants, place the Mulch Cover on the system with the black side facing up. This will attract the sun and warm the growing media to help small plants grow.

Do you have Red Mulch Covers for the EarthBox Original?

Red Mulch Covers are being phased out, and we no longer have Red Mulch Covers for the EarthBox® Original gardening system available. Red Mulch Covers for the EarthBox® Junior gardening system are available while supplies last.

How long will the Mulch Cover last?

The EarthBox® Mulch Cover is made from professional-grade agricultural film and is made to last for a single growing season, approximately 3-5 months. Each Mulch Cover is hand-sewn in the U.S.A. with a rubber-based elastic to secure the cover around the edge of the container, which will naturally degrade with exposure to UV light.

If growing indoors, the Mulch Cover will last much longer.

What is the Mulch Cover made from?

The EarthBox® Mulch Cover is made from reversible, professional-grade agricultural film, which is #4 plastic called Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE is food-safe.

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