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Stop birds, bugs, and frost from ruining your crops and get back to growing! EarthBox® Protective Nets are made from commercial-grade, lightweight fabrics that allow air circulation and UV rays to penetrate through—but deter birds and bugs from gaining access to your fruit, veggies, and herbs. *The Frost Cover protects most plants from light frost (down to 32°F / 0°C), allowing you to extend your growing season.

EarthBox® Protective Nets are specifically designed to be placed over the EarthBox® 5’ Staking System, but they can also rest safely on your plants. Measuring 72" H x 55" W x 12" D, each protective net includes a drawstring and cord lock at the bottom to securely cover the plants in your EarthBox® container garden. Available in an attractive green color, these covers blend perfectly with the foliage in your backyard. Each protective cover may be used for several days at a time, or as needed. Extended usage on plants that require cross pollination for fruit to set is not recommended. With proper care and storage, these covers can be used year after year.


Can I keep the protective net on through the entire growing season?

We recommend only using the protective nets as needed. Keeping the covers on for extended periods of time can prevent pollinators from being able to move pollen from flower to flower, which is necessary for fruit to set on some plants.

How does the protective netting help if I already have bugs on my plants?

Protective nettings are perfect for pest infestation on crops when used with beneficial insects, such as ladybugs or preying mantids, which are natural predators to many garden pests. If you’re able to acquire beneficials for your garden, the Insect Net can be placed over the system to keep beneficials secured so they can feast on all the bad bugs, naturally resolving the infestation.

Which protective netting is right for my garden?

The Frost Cover is perfect for anyone who wants to start their garden before their frost-free date, or extend their growing season when frost may occur.

The Insect Net and Bird Netting will both keep birds and larger insect pests away from your crops. The Insect Net is made from a fine mesh that can keep tiny insects away from your plants, such as aphids. Bird Netting is ideal for anyone growing berries, which may attract birds to your garden.

Are the protective nettings compatible with the EarthBox® Staking System?

Yes! We recommend using the 3’ or 5’ Staking System for the best fit. The protective nettings will not completely fit when using the 7’ Staking System.

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