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EarthBox® Product Instruction Manuals

You made it! You purchased an EarthBox® Container Gardening System and now you are looking for an instruction manual so you can start growing your favorite plants! You’ve come to the right place. See below to find the proper instructions to assemble your EarthBox® Gardening Systems and get growing!

Important Information about Planting in an EarthBox®

Determine what type and how many plants you need. Prepare the assembly of you EarthBox®. In addition to your EarthBox® contents, you will also need water (minimum of four gallons) and a pair of scissors. Next, choose a location for your EarthBox®. Select a sunny spot with a minimum of eight hours of daily sun for warm season crops such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Select partial shade for cool season crops such as lettuce or spinach.

Using the Plant & Fertilizer Placement Chart in your instruction manual, pay attention to the recommended plant types and maximum number of plants for your specific EarthBox® Garden. We recommend planting seedlings that are at least 5-7” high. If you would like to plant seeds directly into the EarthBox®, you can easily grow plant varieties like cucumbers, squash, corn and beans. Remember to not overcrowd your EarthBox® Container Garden. For best results, do not mix different types of plants in the one EarthBox® system. 












These instructions require a pdf viewer. click here to download one.