World Food Day

Become a Citizen Scientist and Fight Hunger Year Round

Observe World Food Day on October 16

EarthBox World Day


One billion of 7 billion people in the world are hungry. 13 million of the hungry are school age students in the USA. They go to bed hungry not knowing where their next meal will come from.

As a way to alleviate hunger and promote food security, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations created World Food Day (WFD). Hundreds of sponsors and communities all over the world observe World Food Day on October 16th to educate, advocate and take action for a hunger-free world.

To support the observance of World Food Day and alleviate hunger year-round, EarthBox created STEM-based Classrom Garden Bundles. Students of all ages observe World Food Day, practice sustainable agriculture, perform an authentic experiment, learn the importance of eating healthy and advancing local and global food security. The more classrooms and students participate in the EarthBox for World Food Day activities and events, the bigger the impact will be in promoting food security and fighting hunger year round.

EarthBox also joined the FAO’s WFD Network to amplify the voice of hunger. Our network, along with the support of its unique communities, can make significant strides towards ending world hunger.

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  • Create a buzz in your entire community by inviting the local media to do a story about your World Food Day event. Be sure to thank everyone who helped make the event possible. Include an image, or go live on TV!
  • Write an Op-ed piece about World Food Day and how you are fighting hunger!
  • Present your EarthBox for World Food Day Program locally, state-wide or nationally at conferences and professional staff development.
  • Invite your peers to join the EarthBox for Classroom Garden Campaign
  • Post your event on the EarthBox FaceBook Page
  • Submit your story to EarthBox for possible publication
  • Register your World Food Day event on the World Food Day website

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