Educational Ordering Policy

Education Dept. Direct Order Policy

Placing an Order

A purchase order is required for any organization that wishes to order product using credit from the Education and Community Gardens Department.

To place a PO, you must first speak with an Education Associate to determine the correct costs.

If changes to the order are needed after the order has been submitted, the purchase order will need to be amended to reflect the changes.


Any customer that wishes to be invoiced for product must fill out a credit application and be approved by our company.

Only the following customers will be considered for credit:
- Education Distributors
- Community/ Urban/ Roof-top Gardening Organizations
- Senior Centers
- Government Agencies
- Schools

Terms will be Net 60 from receipt of goods, for approved credit customers.

Customers that become "past due" will be placed on credit hold, and may not be eligible for future credit.


We accept checks, money orders, and major credit cards.

Order number(s) must be included with remittance of payment.

Any customer on credit hold must remit full payment before future orders can be processed and shipped.

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