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The Pre-K-12th Grade curriculum is teacher friendly. Lesson plans based on guided inquiry encourage students to explore, inquire and discover the science behind plants, light, water, soil and nutrition in the controlled environment of an EarthBox Container Garden System. Each 45 minute lesson plan includes stated, measurable objectives, the standards addressed, the materials needed, a teacher explanation, and data collection forms that develop STEM-based skills addressed in the common core standards.

Pre-K  - Grade One

Pre K-Grade 1 lessons engage students in garden basics with six, hands-on activities that use guided inquiry to teach the science behind the EarthBox, seed types, plant parts, the effect of gravity on plants, and the history, uses and nutritional value of the sunflower. Students learn to count and spell using the large, edible, easy-to-manipulate sunflower seed.

Requires One Ready to Grow Kit per Learning Location.

  Early Learner Warm Weather 12 Week Sunflower Instructional School Garden Plan
This plan gives teachers a recipe and a week by week fun-filled activity guide to follow during the sunflower’s 12 week growing season including, but not limited to the activities in the curricula.



Elementary School Edition

Elementary School standards-based lessons explore basic scientific principles behind plants, water, soil, light and nutrition. 17 cross-content, STEM-based, sequential lessons and 7 transparencies engage students in activities that focus on observation, data collection, analysis and presentation skills, matching, reading and drawing.

Requires One Ready to Grow Kit per location.

Recommended: The EarthBox Garden Stand makes planting accessible and class room instruction visible.

  ES Cool Weather 33 Day 'Little Gem' Instructional School Garden Plan
This instructional plan takes place over a 33 day period. During that time, 1 EarthBox® Ready to Grow Kit will grow out enough lettuce to feed 30 kids a small salad. While the crop grows, instructors use the elementary school curricula to teach children the water cycle, how gravity affects root and stem growth, and where their food comes from.



Middle School Edition

Middle School lessons develop critical thinking and analysis skills that address the common core standards. 35 STEM-based experiments and 17 transparencies utilize the scientific method and guided inquiry to teach the science behind plants, light, soil, water and nutrition. Students collect data based on observations, measurement and calculation. They work in small groups to graph, analyze and discuss the results of their experiments.

Requires two Ready to Grow Kits per Learning Location.

  MS Cool Weather 12 Week Spinach & Broccoli Instructional School Garden Plan
This plan shows teachers how to incorporate activities from the EarthBox Youth Garden Guide to review and reinforce classroom instruction. The activities address nutrition, data collection, germination and harvest time. The plan culminates with the preparation, serving and consumption of freshly harvested spinach and broccoli in a salad, soup or dip for 30 students. Recipes provided.



High School Edition

High School 12 authentic experiments develop skills addressed by the common core standards. The labs are presented in a student lab manual supported by a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual. Labs focus on plants, light, soil, water and nutrition. Students independently set up, hypothesize and collect data to test the hypothesis. They, calculate, analyze and graph the data results.

Requires three Ready to Grow Kits per Learning Location.

  HS Cool Weather 25 Day Radish Instructional School Garden Plan
This plan shows teachers how to incorporate challenging activities from the Youth Garden Guide into their standards-based instruction in a short time.



Youth Garden Guide

The EarthBox second edition of the Youth Garden Guide: Get Fit in the Garden reviews and reinforces standards-based instruction with 29 correlated, garden-based activities about planting, nurturing, and harvesting 21 healthy crops. The activities teach horticulture, nutrition, data collection and workforce development skills.

Requires a minimum of Six Ready to Grow Kits.

  All Age Cool & Warm Weather Instructional School Garden Development Plan
This plan shows you how to get student buy-in for a 12 container garden.


Snow Pea Activity Guide

Get your snow pea guide here.For parents, grandparents, and mentors to grow Snow Peas with their young ones to introduce, science, horticulture and nutrition in 9 easy, fun-filled activities using the sustainable, reusable EarthBox plus its supporting and coordinating staking system. EarthBox® gardening system and EarthBox® Staking System sold separately. Available while quantities last.


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