What We Have Done

  • Developed quality, inquiry-based Pre-K-12th Grade standards-based curricula correlated to the EarthBox Container Garden System that address the common core standards and STEM-based skills
  • Sought and received positive evaluations to approve products as quality education resources:
    National Ag in the Classroom’s Resource Directory
    Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
    California Instructional School Garden Network
  • Supported the installation of EarthBox Instructional School Gardens in over 2000 schools across the country
  • Distribute products to most major science education distributors
  • Partnered with EcoMedia and CBS-Corp to green three schools
  • Partnered with Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops
  • Listed as a resource in the publication of the Girl Scouts journal, Sow What
  • Listed as a resource in Girls Gone Green, a fun, hip and inspiring book about girls who’ve taken the initiative to grow green.
  • Partnered with The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, to make a Smart Home smarter with an EarthBox food-production garden
  • Publish By the Box, an e-newsletter that reports the stories of EarthBox Educators in our schools, in our communities and around the world.
  • Establish contact with the local cooperative extension for help with crop selection, maintenance and harvest
  • Initiated the EarthBox for World Food Day School Campaign to advance the study of science, food security and alleviate hunger year round.
  • Partnered with Earth Day, New York to bring sustainable Organic Indoor Gardens to schools in New York City
  • Partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of America to implement a Positive Sprouts Garden Program in 150 centers across the country.
  • Partnered with Bloomers to bring Bloomers! Know+Grow out door and virtual gardens to Early Learners
  • Selected by the USDA People’s School Garden Pilot Program
  • Partnered with EAT, Chicago, to develop an internationally accessible database to record, analyze and present garden-related data
  • Initiated an EarthBox for World Food Day Campaign to fight hunger one box and one classroom at a time.
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